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The Wharf Restaurant

The restaurant is located on the premises of Seaside Boutique Resort Quy Nhon. Exquisite culinary space combined with luxurious European architectural design. The restaurant specializes in serving alacarte dishes on the menu, breakfast buffet.

poolside dinning
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Poolside Dinning

Whether it's a couple of coffee chairs and a table, or a complete set of sofas, there's no better feeling than enjoying a great meal while soaking in the pool view. The area specializes in serving refreshments, dinner parties for couples who like romance or family parties like open space.

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The Pier Bistro

Pier Bistro is one of the typical European restaurants of France at Seaside Boutique Resort. Pier Bistro brings you an idyllic, rustic dining experience, close to heaven and sea. Specializing in serving Grilled, Hot Pot and Fresh Seafood along with Beer.

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Evening Beach Dinner Serve

Planning a romantic couple's party on a private beach provides a unique and intimate setting to celebrate love and create unforgettable memories. With the help of our expert team, we can tailor the decorations and ambiance to match the preferences of each guest. Here's a guide to designing a creative and romantic atmosphere for your special event.


Are you looking for other activities? Take advantage of on-site amenities like the fitness room, the Kids Club, and a lively beach bar. Whatever you wish to focus on this holiday, let the Seaside luxury resort bring it to life.

sunset at seaside boutique resort quy nhon

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