Western Dishes Prepared for a Romantic Party

At Wharf Restaurant, we believe in creating unforgettable dining experiences. Our chefs have curated a special menu featuring a variety of European dishes, perfect for your next romantic party.

Enjoy Premium European Dishes from the Chef’s Menu

Western cuisine continues to impress with its diversity, richness, and variety of cooking styles. Each dish on our menu is meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients, ensuring an explosion of flavors and a visually appealing presentation.

A Top Choice for Special Occasions

Western cuisine is a top choice for romantic dinners, family gatherings, and elegant wedding menus. At Wharf Restaurant, we offer a diverse selection of European dishes and sets, allowing you to indulge in your favorites.

Preferential Price from Only 350,000 VND/set

Our European set menu includes four courses: salad, soup, main dish, and dessert. We also offer a variety of à la carte dishes starting from only 95,000 VND.

Contact Us Today

Don’t hesitate to contact us at (+84)2573720226 or (+84)886444949 for more information, or access our ordering menu here. Make your next romantic party unforgettable with our special European menu. Book your table today! Or you can click this link of Alacarte Menu at here.

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